Vulnerability: Protect Yourself and Your Data From Man in the Middle Hacks


Anyone who has ever had their wallet or purse stolen knows what it means to feel vulnerable. Just the thought of opening your personal information to a total stranger is unsettling. Today, the startling truth is that the simple act of interacting with friends, colleagues or businesses puts us at risk of having our personal information stolen.  Recent large-scale security breaches at Target, Neiman Marcus, Michaels, and White Lodging (which manages hotel franchises for chains like Marriott, … [More...]

Forbes Post: Lessons from a Loving Mother; It’s Time to Put Emotion Back in Business


Repost of the article by Kare Anderson and myself on Forbes: Kare Anderson  @kareanderson  What should you do when someone cries or laughs at work? The same thing a go-giver, loving mother would do. Discern what provoked the emotion then seize the moment to support their greater self-understanding and confidence — and your relationship.  No … [More...]

The CMO Files — Thank you IDG Connect!

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Get inside the mind of the world’s top marketing professionals. In 20 questions we find out what they love most about their job, what their biggest achievements are… and what keeps them awake at night. Read ‘The CMO Files'     Name:  Sandra Zoratti     Organisation: Dispersive Technologies   Job title: CMO   Location: Colorado  (1)           Where were you born and raised? In … [More...]

Data Drives Demand Generation


It’s no secret that lead generation has forced a fundamental change for marketers. Traditional techniques are no longer making the grade. The balance of power has shifted from promotion to information. And not just any information will do. It has to be relevant.  We know this. But how do we adjust? Marketers are clearly struggling to find the answer. According to BtoBonline, 70% of marketing budgets are currently allocated to new customer acquisition, but 61% of marketers are still having a … [More...]

B2B Rising: The Future of Marketing

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by Matt Dirks, Amanda Thall and Sandra Zoratti   While nobody can predict the future, it sure helps to have experts weigh in with their predictions – especially given blazing-fast changes that shape B2B marketing today. Recently, we were privileged to attend and host an illuminating B2B event.  Business marketers gathered together to hear about the future of marketing in an event hosted by the Business Marketer’s Association of Colorado.  Here are some of the helpful highlights we … [More...]